Life Balance Pyramid Having Family Career Health And Friends by Stuart Miles

WiL: Luncheons that Inspire

Life Balance Pyramid Having Family Career Health And Friends by Stuart Miles

Today I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend the Women in Leadership’s Vancouver Women in Business Luncheon down at the Fairmont Waterfront.   Events likes these are essential for women who want/need inspiration wherever they are on their career paths.  It was because of organizations like WiL that I could think of even attempting to forge my own business dreams.  I have to admit to feeling a bit smug when there were so many women in attendance who I consider friends or at least colleagues, and they are all amazing.

I may not be terribly far ahead in my business goals, but it isn’t for want of confidence.  My confidence comes from listening to and sharing with women who are further ahead on their career paths.  I have heard much great advice from networking and listening to great speakers like they had today, which included Suzanne Siemens of Lunapads, Rita Rogers, Tracey Orr of TD Financial and Kasondra Cohen.  And today’s topic ‘Best Advice I Ever Got gave the audience much food for thought.

Rita started with some perfect advice for a roomful of women: “Help one another get there instead of stabbing each other in the back.”  (Paraphrased)  I totally agree with her.   I have stated before that women are creating the new economy of the future.  We are reshaping the job world to suit our needs instead of struggling to fit into the old mold.   Networking, sharing, helping, collaborating are how we can all get “there.”

Tracey Orr shared her story from childhood to where she is today.  She showed that when you learn to expect change, compartmentalize crisis, and look forward instead of back, you can adjust to what life throws at you and learn and grow and make the right choices.

Kasondra Cohen takes that even further with her philanthropic ideals.   For her giving other people the chance to create their own futures is crucial.   She took her own experiences and created a foundation to help others who are not so lucky to come from such an illustrious family.  She is building a fabulous career by giving back to her community.

Giving back is at the centre of Suzanne Siemens business ideals.    After building a successful career on paper, suffering terrible health issues, she listened to her body and her heart and teamed up to create Lunapads….one of my most favorite businesses in Vancouver.   Not only are they giving women HERE an alternative when it comes to dealing with our periods, she and Madeleine Shaw created Pads4Girls to support education and employment for girls and women in developing nations.   They also teamed up with Afri-Pads to create similar products for women in Uganda.

Women helping Women.

This is the message I am hearing at every type of business meetup or organization that I have attended.   When I reach out to other women, good things happen for me.   It is far better to look at the women around you as potential partners instead of competitors.   Social Media is all about community building and when I take that theory into my own business world, things happen.   At the least you learn you are not alone in your struggles.  At the most, you move one step closer to your dreams.

Don’t give up and go join and business network.

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