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Influencing the Infuencers…

With some wine and cheese!

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Christine Pilkington of Vancouvermom.ca with the logistics surrounding her 2nd annual Top 30 Mom Bloggers celebration on May 19th.   I have an event planning background (yes I can help with that too!) and so was ready to jump in and do what I could to help make the evening a success.

And success it was.   We had amazing sponsors and amazing mom bloggers as our guests and the two mixed and laughed and connected.

Social media marketing is all about mixing real life with online life.  It is about community.  It is about a back and forth dialogue, not shouting the virtues of your products or services to the world.

Platforms like Twitter require developing relationships with the followers who, when you are a business, are also your customers.

Thus when sites like Vancouvermom host Top 30 Mom Blogger events it is the savvy sponsors that respond.    The celebratory party on May 19th was filled with the newest Top 30 Mom Bloggers and many from the 2010 list.   The guests loved their door prizes and goody bags and the attending sponsors loved the chance to talk one on one with some of Vancouver’s influencer’s.

The savvy marketers understand that a target blogger isn’t necessarily the BIGGEST blogger with the largest following, page views, etc.  A good target blogger is one who is PART of a greater influential group.  Someone who has built a large social circle around her online life.    A good target blogger is one who understands and enjoys their cyber relationships.

Building a relationship with a connected blogger is more important (in my opinion) than building a relationship with a top tier blogger.

A successful party like the Vancouvermom event proves it.


Welcome To SAHMedia

Hello….thank you visiting!

I am very excited about SAHMedia.

Blogging has allowed me to find and connect with amazing people…and because of my own ‘mom’ status, it has been mostly mom’s….those who work, those who work from home and those who are dedicated stay at home mom’s.  All amazing…all with incredible skill sets beyond their mom abilities.

For many, like myself, blogging has been a way to keep up with business and keep our skills sharp…because you never know right?

SAHMedia is my way of connecting you (the business owner) with those with the skills you may need.

The term ‘outsourcing’ gets bandied around a lot.    Call centers and manufacturing has been outsourced to many countries.   But the term can be used on a small scale and locally too.  For a business that needs extra hands for a project, outsourcing can be the simplest and most economical solution.

SAHMedia can help.

What can you outsource?

Well anything really.    From data processing projects, and contact management to developing a social media presence, marketing and branding.

Outsourcing simply means looking beyond your own staff for the skills and knowledge that you need.

Why use SAHMedia?

Apart from our myriad backgrounds in business AND our time and ability to get the work done when YOU need it….if you are a business that has a product or service that is geared to the women of the household….we are the people to talk to.

Mom bloggers have been heavily targeted by Marketing and PR firms representing a variety of products or services that they HOPE will appeal to the bloggers.  Why?  Because we are the online influencer’s when it comes to product endorsement.  Why? Because we have large online and offline social networks that we communicate with through our blogs and also through things like Twitter.

Simply put, social media moms talk to each other.  We talk about brands we love and brands we hate.  We advise and we look for advice.

Marketers have always known that the women of the household make the majority of purchasing decisions, hence the enthusiasm for approaching social media moms.

But there is a right way and a wrong way….and therefore why not speak directly to those very influencers yourself?

We ARE mom bloggers.  We ARE review bloggers.  We have been working with marketers for a long time now.  We know what works and what doesn’t.

SAHMedia can help you reach out to one of the most powerful markets on and offline.

Feel free to contact us at info@sahmedia.com for any questions about what we can do for you.