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Big Business Sees the Power of the ‘Mom Blogger’

Mom Blogging is the ultimate in networking and community building. Corporations, and PR companies saw this rather quickly and swooped down.  Thus the mom ‘review’ blogger was born.

I am currently working with a PR firm that’s slogan is ‘Influencing the Influencers.’  That is what it is all about.  Mom bloggers and review bloggers have networks and communities of people who trust what they have to say.

Mommy Perks does an amazing job explaining the power of social media based on the these ‘influencers.’  Social Media is about finding your market and becoming PART of it.   Not preaching TO it.  Not SELLING to it…but making people aware enough in a positive way so that your brand name and product or service is what is forefront on their minds.

For example.  The other day my husband was upset that he had lost a coupon for Banana Republic…one of his favorite stores.  I went on Twitter and asked if anyone had any online coupons…and bingo…people on my Twitter Feed came forward with a variety of choices.   Social Networking helping out and making sure Banana Republic didn’t lose a customer and a sale.

Another great example of corporations using Twitter was when I was asking about the quickest place that I could get passport photos for my kids.   London Drugs tweeted me about their hours of service.  That was where I went.

Hallmark Canada is working with Crunchy Carpets at the moment in a purely brand awareness campaign.  I share my thoughts and the kids thoughts on the variety of Hallmark products, share links and the images.

The Disney Store asked some of us local bloggers to a sneak preview of the newly re-launched Disney Store at Metrotown in Burnaby.  I was told by readers of my blog that it was because of my post alone that they decided to go check it out.

Disney Cruise Lines has asked Crunchy Carpets to travel on the Disney Wonder on it’s journey from Vancouver to Alaska in May.   Again, to share my experiences with this incredible brand that from what I have seen is very conscious of building relationships with the influencer’s.

Brand awareness doesn’t have to include giveaways and reviews.  Advertising on blogs costs the fraction of the price it does in main stream media.

Because of the experience that both Crunchy Carpets and A Lot of Loves has with our blogs and social networking, we feel that we can truly help out any business – small or large – to build strong community and relationships online, through blogging, SEO, Twitter, etc.