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Internet Marketing Confusion Meter by Stuart Miles

Do You Really Need a Blog?

Internet Marketing Confusion Meter by Stuart Miles

This is a question many companies creating their first website or venturing into social media for some brand awareness ask with a vague look of horror.   It all feels like a bit to much work when you are working at building up your business.     And it is….but it is obviously worth it.

Funnily enough I was about to use Warline Painting as my example for amazing social media when it comes to bricks and mortar businesses. When I saw this article today on Construction Marketing Ideas (see there is LOTS of help!) via Snaptech Marketing.  Not only is their website gorgeous, but the blog, written by Heidi Nyline is one of the best business blogs out there.  Heidi has taken the time and effort to understand social media marketing and therefore does not suffer fools lightly.  If you want to see what you can do when it comes to promoting your work via your own blog, and learn what is okay and what is a big no-no, Heidi is one to follow and NOT COPY but be inspired by.

Another great example of a business blog is the one by Sharmani Pillay of Pharmacymix.com.   Both these business owners are doing me out of a job with their writing skills, but that is okay with me, when they are putting such effort into creating content that reflects their passion for their businesses.  Both are experts in their fields and their blogs reflect that with the educational aspect of their content.  Sharmani shares her knowledge of skincare, health and beauty in her posts as well as focusing on key products that she sells on her online retail site.  It is a great balance of marketing and information that makes my job of promoting the blog easy.  (Sharmani is a client)

A good blog for your company should be just that.  A nice mix of marketing and somewhat general information around the area of business you are in.   A business blog should be about sharing YOUR philosophy when it comes to your business and your brand.   It should create insight into the type of company you are.  This doesn’t mean you need in-depth articles on what you are doing all the time.  You can link to things that interest you.   Share news about the world your business is in, new technology, new ideas, etc.   If you have a charity that you support, share that on your blog.   Share your passions. Use your blog to show your clients and potential clients the image of yourself and your company that you want to project to the world.

Does this sound overwhelming?  Don’t panic.   Look around you.  Is there someone in your employ who is a good writer and reflects your enthusiasm for the company?  Perhaps they can be promoted to blog writer, if not, I do firmly believe that an outsourced contract writer (like myself) can, indeed reflect your passion for your company through carefully written posts.  All that takes is clear communication about your own wants and needs as well as willing to take time to understand how blogging and social media works to help you create a unique voice for your company online.

If you would like to chat with me about blogging and social media, please contact me at kerry@sahmedia.com.