The Art of Marketing Conference: Vancouver

When I was asked if wanted to write for the BC parenting section of the Huffington Post, I was beyond thrilled.   The Huffington Post is probably the most successful online publication that exists today.  Arianna Huffington created a almost perfect business model and attracts A-level contributors from around the world.

I love marketing.  I minored in Communications at SFU many long years ago and loved my first forays into Communications as an admin at a company I would rather not mention.   Since then my love for social media has only added fuel to my fire.  The world – online and off – of brand building has always fascinated me and I love the opportunity to hear from those at the top of their game.   That is what The Art of Marketing Conference is all about.

On September 17th, you can hear Arianna Huffington share her thoughts on ‘New Media’ and its effects on Communications.  She is just ONE of the great speakers at this one day event at the Vancouver Convention Centre.  I am really looking forward to hearing Tom Fishburne of Marketoon Studios talk about Technology as a means to an end and not means itself….which is a bit different from Marshall McLuhan’s ‘the medium IS the message’ theory. (Thank you Communications 101)

Developed to answer the questions currently facing your organization, The Art of Marketing will
provide a clearer understanding of how marketing has changed, what role it now plays in the buying
decision, its impact on your business and ultimately how the consumer views and interacts with your
brand in a crowded marketplace.

If you want to attend this event, I even have a PROMO code for you!  Simply use TWITTERFAN when you register for the event to save yourself $50.   If they purchase 3 or more tickets, they will get an ADDITIONAL $50 off per ticket.

Please share with me if you are attending as I would love to see you there.  The hashtag is #TheArtOf.  Please check it out for more information as the event draws closer.



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