Art of Marketing 2014

There is no doubt in my mind that the industry affected the most by the power and popularity of social media has been marketing.  Marketers have had a steep and fast learning curve to get on top of the power of social media to help propel their clients in front of an audience bored with the traditional mediums like television and print.

Facebook just celebrated its 10th anniversary.  Twitter was founded in 2006 and has 200 MILLION active users. In a very short time, there is now no marketing without social media marketing.   Gone are the days of Mad Men.   Marketing and Advertising now faces an extremely aware and savvy audience.   It takes a lot more than glossy pictures and clever tag lines to lure people these days.  Brands are judged harshly, quickly and very publicly for their marketing #failures.  These days it is vital to be up to date and on board with the latest trends and technologies and that is why one day events like the Art of Marketing are crucial to attend.

One day, packed with high caliber speakers who are on top of their game and willing to share with you.   The Vancouver event on March 14th has an amazing list of speakers including probably the most quoted social media and marketing “guru” Seth Godin.

My husband is a marketer too.  We live and breathe the world and I think we have had books in our house from every single speaker at this event.   And books are great, but hearing it from the authors themselves is what get us fired up and ready to take on this fast paced world with more energy and determination to not be left in the dust.

The conference is not just for those ‘in the biz.’  Anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit or launching their first startup needs to know what these experts can share.  John Jantsch is a marketing consultant,  and Duct Tape Marketing and the Referral Engine are fantastic sources for small businesses looking for that extra edge.

I am very excited to be attending the conference this year and hope to come out inspired and ready to do the best for my client’s current and future.   To share the excitement I have special code for you readers to save you up to $100 on your ticket purchase.

When you register, type in the promo code:  TWITTERFAN32. Purchase from 1-3 tickets – save $50 per ticket with code TWITTERFAN32 or purchase 3 or more tickets – save $100 per ticket with code TWITTERFAN32.  What a deal.

The conference is on Wednesday March 19, 2014 at The Centre located at 777 Homer Street.

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